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Watching a Movie

Creating the Stage for
Transformation and Growth

Business and communication strategy for organisations with ambition

How We Work


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Map dimensions of the challenge


Understand operating environment and macro context


Gather inputs and fresh perspectives


Challenge assumptions


Synthesise insights and distil critical drivers


Define strategic framework and success metrics


Build consensus and alignment


Roadmap for change


Encourage and stimulate creative potential


Build partnerships within and beyond your organisation


Embed thinking and support behaviour change


Ideate new solutions

Proscenium Strategies brings fresh thinking, partnership, and solutions for companies large and small, across a wide range of sectors

Proscenium Strategies is a business and marketing consultancy that enables brands, businesses, and agencies to accelerate change through effective communications. 


Just as many theatres around the world use a proscenium to frame the action, create a focal point and build engagement, we create the framework, environment, alignment and stimulus to bring your ambitions to life.


What We Do

What we do

Proscenium helps management teams and communication leaders refine their strategic focus, develop creative solutions, align on the best course of action, and consider how to operationalize thinking with urgency and impact.   

But more than creating a fresh direction and appetite for change, we work in partnership with you to build understanding and belief, embed the blueprint and drive behaviour change across your organization, tying brand marketing and communications to business outcomes.

We Believe

That context is everything

That however specific the need, understanding the bigger picture is always important

That curiosity and imagination should be championed

That a well-constructed, well-timed conversation can spark belief, action, and momentum

That impact is achieved when the spotlight moments are mapped together with the small human interactions that happen every day


What We Believe

What We Do
We Believe
How We Work
Our Experience


Our Experience



Lisa Collin is the founder of Proscenium Strategies which she created after a 25 year career in Marketing and PR, with the intent of partnering more closely with senior teams seeking to achieve impact and change. 


She works with companies – from scale ups, SMEs to large MNCs - on complex communication challenges that are closely tied to business transformation and need to be managed across multiple stakeholders.

Lisa brings experience in integrated brand marketing and strategic communications, having worked for leading agencies including Edelman, Iris and McCann World Group, Weber Shandwick. A skilled business strategist, she enjoys building and leading multi-disciplinary teams and in the past has worked with companies such as Starbucks, HP, GSK, Unilever, Shell, Brown Forman, Sony Ericsson and Siemens to address a broad range of needs.

Lisa started her career as a marketing and press officer at the Royal Opera House, London. Lisa has deep roots in the theatre and has worked alongside arts organizations including the English National Ballet and Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery.

"truly impressive"

The support Lisa has provided to my executive team and I has been incredible. Her ability to understand our business, our culture, our values and the wider industry context in which we work has been truly impressive. Within the first few months Lisa was able to think, talk and advise as if she had been with us for years.

She is proactive, has a genuine interest in our business and our team and has gone way beyond expectations multiple times in our time working together. We hired Lisa as a consultant to advise us on branding, marketing, PR and communications for our global business.

As well as providing support in these areas she has been able to take a much wider view of our overall business strategy and provide support that considers the entire picture.

Callum Thomas, CEO, Thomas Thor Associates


...a global team of senior specialists

Lisa is also a founding member of Fluid, a global collective of independent senior specialists from Rio to New York and Jakarta to Mumbai, who come together in different constellations to solve communications-intensive business issues.

The collective believes the concept of ‘fluidity’ is a primary characteristic of the world in which we live and operate. It is characterised by the undermining, deterioration – and even ultimate collapse – of traditional norms, structures and processes.

The fluid collective challenges organisations, brands and people to apply fluidity to their thinking and their actions, and offers hands-on international advisory services across reputation, brand, employee engagement and public affairs.




A Breadth of Experience


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